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A course of Chiropractic treatment can help restore the normal function of your spine and you can expect to feel the benefits within a few sessions.

Some patients respond to treatment more rapidly than others depending on the nature of the complaint and the duration of the symptoms.

In all cases, a thorough examination of each patient will be undertaken and an appropriate plan of management will be drawn-up in each case.

X-rays or MRI scans are not usually necessary but may be ordered if needed.

What people say about us

“My youngest daughter had been suffering from pains in the abdomen and James quickly diagnosed gluten intolerence following an examination. Thanks to the advice we received, Isla is now fully better with no pain. He has also helped me overcome my lower back pain. I would recommend James to anyone who expects the highest quality care”


“I heard about Dr James at Jericho Chiropractic from friends who’d visited the clinic and recovered from lower back pain. I was suffering from repetitive strain to my Achilles tendons from training and competing in Triathlons and didn’t know where to turn to for help. After a few sessions at the clinic the pain had gone and I was back training again for the next race. Really pleased, thanks James.”


“I will always remember crawling to your practice in the middle of August, hunched on crutches slipping on the wet deserted street. It is now mid-October and I feel all this energy flowing through my now upright body. Thank you so much.”


“I’ve been to see a range of different Chiropractors for 20 odd years for a long-standing lower back complaint and I can say that this clinic was among the very best and I’m now finally completely pain-free after 20 years.”